2024 Guide: How to easily add a Wishlist to your Shopify website

2024 Guide: How to easily add a Wishlist to your Shopify website

Are you looking to enhance the user experience on your Shopify website? Adding a wishlist feature can be a great way to engage your customers and increase sales. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to easily add a wishlist to your Shopify website in 2024.

Why should you add a wishlist feature?

Research shows that customers who use a wishlist are more likely to make a purchase. By allowing users to save items for later, you create a sense of urgency and desire for those products. This can lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

How to add a wishlist to your Shopify website

1. Choose a wishlist app: There are several wishlist apps available on the Shopify App Store. Of course, we recommend Wishlist Project Planner in the Shopify App Store, we feel it's the most robust yet simple to use (and FREE) app to date.

2. Install the app: Once you have chosen a wishlist app, install it on your Shopify website. Follow the app's instructions for installation and setup.  It's as simple as toggling on the main application embed, adding the app block for the wishlist button to the product page and finally adding the app block to the account page where users can view their wishlists.

3. Customize the wishlist button: Make sure the wishlist button is prominently displayed on your product pages. You can customize the button to match your website's design and branding.  This can be done in customize theme.

4. Test the feature: Before making the wishlist feature live, test it thoroughly to ensure it works correctly. Make sure users can add and remove items from their wishlist without any issues.

Benefits of adding a wishlist feature

- Increase customer engagement: A wishlist feature encourages users to interact with your website and spend more time browsing your products.

- Boost sales: By allowing customers to save items for later, you create opportunities for follow-up marketing and reminders, leading to increased sales.

- Understand customer preferences: By tracking the items customers add to their wishlist, you can gain valuable insights into their preferences and tailor your marketing strategies accordingly.

Adding a wishlist feature to your Shopify website can be a simple yet effective way to improve the user experience and drive sales. Follow the steps outlined in this guide to easily implement this feature on your website in 2024.

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