Shopify SEO Monitoring

Have you worked with SEO agencies that left you scratching your head?  

Yeah, we're not here to do all that.  Our Shopify SEO Monitoring is a cost effective way to make sure that your site is performing at its best and to get expert advice without all the extra fluff.

Most SEO agencies charge ~$1,500+/mo, but when it comes to the tangibles things get sticky.  Backlinks are being placed on websites you've never heard of with questionable authority. The copywriting is usually sub-par since their writers aren't very knowledgable about your product.  The onsite suggestions get pretty gimmicky, think a bunch of keyword stuffed sentences creating an eyesore at the top of your collection pages.

Even working with big established brands and well known SEO agencies it doesn't get a whole lot better.  Some even ditched their SEO agencies after the onsite audit was done... and we don't blame them. 

Your team knows your product best.  PR professionals are better suited to get you featured on real websites people actually read.  The list goes on...

The problem is that beyond the guidance SEO reports give for offsite strategy, they're a really helpful tool for finding onsite issues as well. 

That's why we've created our essential Shopify SEO Monitoring.

  • Monthly reports
  • Expert review of reports, assistance prioritizing onsite issues code & content issues
  • Easy access to our team of expert Shopify developers for theme remediation
  • Provide content ideas based on current search traffic that your team can use to guide their content strategy


Sale price$500.00